The Secrets of Roasting

We at Splendid Cup are fascinated by the coffee roasting process! We start by selecting quality raw, or green, beans from highly reputable coffee bean distributors and producers from around the world.

Next, we craft intentional and specific roast profiles designed for the selected green coffee beans. This ensures that each type of coffee will be individually roasted to its optimal taste.

All our coffee is roasted LOCALLY here in Northern Nevada and sold FRESH! We provide this by roasting our coffees in small batches, or micro-roasts. FRESH and CRAFTED is what makes your coffee experience so SPLENDID!

Finally, we package each freshly roasted micro-roast in a sealed, light cancelling bag with a one-way gas release valve which keeps coffee bean oxidation to a minimum. This also keeps your coffee at its most optimal flavor.

All together, these roasting and packaging techniques ensure your most SPLENDID cup of coffee!