Coffees to fit all tastes

Splendid Blended Roasted to Perfection

Be sure to specify Ground (what machine is used or how fine) or Whole Bean when ordering. Coffee comes in 12oz. bags. Bulk pricing is available upon request.

Medium Roast

Blue Haven

$17.00 / bag

Region: Ethiopia
Description: A very nice coffee blend with earthy tones such as spicy clove and flowery notes that contribute to its overall smoothness and complexity.

Calm Rise

$15.00 / bag

Region: Brazil
Description: Happiness in a cup: this rich, medium-bodied coffee contains hints of caramelized Brazilian nuts that is sure to satisfy anytime of day.

Coffee Presence

$16.00 / bag

Region: Kenya
Description: Pleasantly complex and balanced, this coffee has the earthy tastes that the region is known for with hints of citrus and currants.

East Coast Roast

$15.00 / bag

Region: Guatemala
Description: A light coffee expressive of the East Coast preference in coffee roasting, this coffees' taste profile contains smooth, caramel notes and a delightful floral essence.

Fruitful Bliss

$17.00 / bag

Region: Honduras
Description: A delightful addition to your daily routine, this coffee is buttery-smooth with hints of tropical fruits and honey.

Kona Dreams

$45.00 / bag

Region: Hawaii
Description: 100 Percent Kona cofee grown on Mt. Hualalai. This delectable cup boasts a creamy texture and caramelized tropical fruit notes

City Plus Roast

Encore (DECAF)

$17.00 / bag

Region: Sumatra
Description: Smooth, earthy flavors with a slight hint of wine on the palate -- the perfect decaf coffee to enjoy day or night.

Wild and Free

$16.00 / bag

Region: Blend
Description: A full-bodied coffee blend sporting hints of blueberry and dark chocolate sure to get you going for your next wild adventure.

Full City Roast

To the Max Espresso

$16.00 / bag

Region: Espresso Blend
Description: An exquisitely blended espresso, roasted to perfection, wafting aromas of blueberry and chocolate. Perfect for Americanos, lattes, or a full-bodied, bold espresso shot.

French Roast

Calis Roast

$14.00 / bag

Region: Nicaragua
Description: A bold, dark roast coffee that has a smooth, smoky flavor reminiscent of California's iconic West Coast style coffee blends.

Dark Vader

$16.00 / bag

Region: Columbia
Description: Very strong on the palate, a roast perfect for those who love a strong coffee and are determined to conquer the mornings and dominate the afternoons.

We take pride in our work, and it shows. Every time you order a coffee from us, we know it will be a positive experience. All of our roasts highlight the coffee's natural and SPLENDID flavors. Our bold French Roasts, smooth City Plus Roasts, or bright Medium Roasts will have you coming back for more. If you can't find the perfect roast from our inventory. We can also create a custom profile for you for $50.